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Garage doors are taken for granted until they don’t work. Whether you need your garage door repaired today, or in the evening so you don’t have to miss work, Precision Door of St. Louis will schedule a service call convenient for you. We understand experienced, professional, ethical and prompt service providers are important to you. Precision Door of St. Louis has been servicing the Glendale area for 15+ years. We stand behind our work, our warrantees, and pride ourselves in being one of the best garage door repair companies that serves the entire St. Louis metropolitan area.


We have performed hundreds of garage door repairs in Glendale and garage door installs in Glendale. We’ll fix your Glendale garage door opener or Glendale garage door and have you on your way in no time.



Broken garage door spring? Garage door opener won’t open or close your garage door? Need a replacement garage door in Glendale or a replacement garage door opener in Glendale or a replacement garage spring in Glendale? RELAX. Help is on the way! We can handle any Glendale garage door repair because we repair garage doors in Glendale everyday!


Don’t be a prisoner in your own garage. Waiting doesn’t fix garage doors in Glendale or fix garage door openers in Glendale. Unlike your garage door, we’re always open. We offer same day service. Your time is valuable so don’t waste it! Call the experts in Glendale garage door repairs today!


Contact Precision Door of St. Louis for emergency garage door service or proactive garage door preventive maintenance. We provide the best options and guarantee the repair or replacement of all garage door parts. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost important to us.